Since 2014, the SPA service center has been helping clients from all over Latvia to realize the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling a swimming pool.

In cooperation with the best manufacturers from Spain, Italy, Finland, and Germany, we offer the construction of swimming pools, the installation of unique water treatment sites (SPAs), the sale of the necessary equipment, and the maintenance of all types of water concepts.

We offer skimmer and overflow pools, concrete pools. We cooperate with various manufacturers so that we can prepare the best solution for each customer and be able to provide a full-service warranty as well as after the warranty period with original spare parts.

Other services

In addition to the installation and maintenance of SPA centers and swimming pools, we also offer some other services. With us it is possible to buy all the necessary pool equipment, accessories, moreover, we will not refuse if you want, for example, to install a sauna!

We are true professionals in swimming pool matters.


Pool chemistry

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Technical issues

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Pool design

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